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About Us



Begin in

  • 1993

Factory area (m²)

  • 14000


Product varietys

  • 150


Company profile

To Cast The Future With Professional, Moral And Inheritance

Jingde Electromechanical Science and Technology Co Ltd. is located in Luigiao District of Taizhou City in Zhejiang Province, which is praised as the hometown of sprayer in China. Jingde, specially engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of high-power ultra-low frequency AC and DC electric sprayers, has been the Larger manufacturer of high-power DC electric sprayers in China.


In addition to expanding market shares, our company has been constantly working to optimize the structure of products, improve product quality and technological content, in order to spare no effort to provide customers with the latest, best products and perfect after-sales service.


We has various types of CNC machining centers, CNC high-speed CNC lathes,Panasonic high-speed component mounter, the full computer circuit board testing machine, neck-wave soldering machines automatic motor winders, and other high-precision equipment for a variety of products, which have provided a reliable qality assurance.

Jingde Electromechanical Science and Technology Co Ltd.

Company culture

Cohesion of a upward struggle to build a team

Brand annotation

In the public impression, the enterprise name is always the business card, we use JD to form the unique totem of the enterprise.Totem Perfect outline of the leaves and strong arm, that embodies the basic attributes of the industry, but also demonstrated the strong strength of fine Germany. The upward triangle and the leaf union, represents the Seiko and the garden, we will take the science and technology as the leading to drive the garden machinery the unceasing forward!


Agri Country,Electric Control



Build the world brand of high power sprayer


Business philosophy:

Innovation and quality are paramount to create win-win situation.