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Zhejiang Yitong Machinery & Electronics Co.,Ltd.Founded in 1993 is a company engaged through various types of high-pressure centrifugal fan, the air compressor, axial fan, centrifugal fan, exhaust fan and low-noise multi-wing centrifugal fan and so on, vibrator, motor professional manufacturer. joint tree is located in Wenling City Industrial Park, close to 104 National Road, Ling , Huangyan airport, Haimen port, sea, land and air transportation is very convenient. From the founding of the company has consistently adhered to "the development of technology expand the market. Strengthen the quality of casting brand, strict management to increase efficiency, honesty reputation of the world" business principles, upholding first-class quality and first-class enterprise.
The company has a number of highly qualified technical staff, focused on creating high quality "one hundred million communications" products. Meanwhile, the company modern equipment and advanced production line workshop, to ensure that product advantages.
In the new century, "Yitong" people will be even higher precision and advanced products to the customers return to my company's support and love.Thank you!